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A. Your divorce is contested if there are issues between you that you and
your spouse cannot resolve. For example if you and your spouse cannot
agree on issues such as who is going to have custody, or division of


A. Yes. That is exactly what an uncontested divorce is.


A. Probably yes. Child support is determined by statute, therefore it is
not something to be bartered on between the parties. Child support is
determined by the parties income, health care and daycare costs. Child
support is not negotiable (unless the parties agree to more than the
guidelines require).


A. Yes. As long as you both agree that you want the divorce.

A. Yes. I am licensed in the State of Alabama so if you live in Alabama,
I can take your case.

A. My client must be a resident of the State of Alabama for at least 6
months before I can file the divorce.

A. Yes. We can complete all paperwork, but we must wait the mandatory 6
months before we can file.

A. Most definitely. Your spouse is welcome to come in to the office to
sign the necessary paperwork or we can mail the papers to your spouse for
his/her signature.

A. Sure. We will work out a payment plan customized for your needs.

A. No problem. We can mail the papers to your spouse and as long as he
has his signature notarized, we can still file them with the court. Your
spouses job schedule will not have to be interrupted.